Stanzas are Opus Primus theme specific extensions.

The idea behind Stanzas stems from the great many hooks (both actions and filters) that are readily available throughout the theme structure. We have made every effort to provide either an action hook, or where appropriate a filter hook, to make Opus Primus as extensible as possible. A Stanza will make use of these hooks and provide additional functionality much like a WordPress plugin would with the exception of the Stanza being specifically written to enhance Opus Primus.

Three Stanzas have been included with Opus Primus as examples of what you might add:

  • Pull Quotes – adding a feature commonly found in magazine and newspaper style publications
  • TagLines – for when you just need something more than a title for your post or page
  • Theme Hook Alliance Support – adding a bridge between all of the THA hooks and their relevant counter-part in Opus Primus

We welcome any Stanza submissions and look forward to building a community around these extensions. Please feel free to fill out the contact form below with details of the Stanza you would like to submit for review.