Opus Primus is a WordPress Framework Theme … but what do I mean by “framework”? The essential idea behind the “framework” descriptor I am using is to indicate first the theme itself will be complete upon its public release in the sense that you can install it and continue on with writing your content. Second, the theme is developed with the underlying ideals of being easily extended. This is easily accomplished with Child-Themes via any of the many hooks, and CSS element containers that have been placed strategically throughout the framework to allow most any idea to be brought to life with minimal need, if any, to re-write large portions of the code base.

Some of the major features you will see implemented:

  • All of the WordPress “core” post-formats
  • Special post-format archives
  • Custom Gallery built on top of WordPress’ built-in gallery functionality
  • An attached image template displaying the meta details retained in the uploaded file
  • … plus much more!