Although some customizations will be quick and easy … and may even fall into my famous Five-Minute-Fix™ service but not all customizations will be free.

The five minutes is purely subjective and completely based on my personal opinion. If I believe a project should take five minutes then that is how long the project will take. If it takes five hours, or five days, the cost will still be the same: free!
Edward Caissie

Realistically speaking, not everything can be fixed in five minutes and not everything can be fixed for free, after all I do need to pay the bills and put food on the table. To that end, I will be publishing my service fees related to, but not necessarily restricted to the following items:

  • Direct modifications of the Opus Primus Framework
  • Creation of Opus Primus Child-Themes
  • Creation of Opus Primus Stanzas

I will also be publishing my general WordPress services fees as well.

As a starting point, my a la carte fees for any WordPress related works will start at $75.00 USD an hour. There will be a minimum of one (1) hour. All payments will (currently) be processed through PayPal. An invoice will be provided with an appropriate link to PayPal via my online billing service.

For more information or to make any inquiries please feel free to use the contact form below; or, make use of our other Contact Points.