Opus Primus is based in the principles of decisions not options.

Although if you look through the code you will find many functions and methods that have various options to work with there are no option pages cluttering up the administration panels of the WordPress installation. Opus Primus was designed for the developer and written for the end-user.

Over 200 hours were put into this framework theme before it was released. Time that was paid for with blood, sweat, and tears … of joy! This was a work of passion and a pleasure to create.

So many times during the development process, as complex parts of the code were being finished, silly grins would start finding their way onto the developers faces as they realized “Hey, that’s a really cool idea … and it works!”

Opus Primus loosely translates to “the first work” and the driving focus behind every idea implemented was “it works first!”

Please feel free to reach out to us with your comments, your suggestions … and perhaps more importantly, your constructive criticisms. We welcome them all and look forward to building a community around this project with you: the developer; the designer; the writer; the blogger; the photographer; the …