The latest version of Opus Primus just went live on WordPress, although there were a few bumps in this final stable release all is well now.

There was the usual tightening up of the code and some fine-tuning as needed. I prettified the navigation between pages in the single view (it now matches the pagination for moving between pages of posts) … it’s all about consistency in this design. The theme uses the add_theme_support( 'title' );; the EXIF data now properly displays the timestamp data, again; and, somewhere between version 1.3 and version 1.3.3 I broke the SlickNav menu implementation, which is now corrected.

The full changelog (for the changes since version 1.3) is below:

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=== Opus Primus changelog.txt ===
Last revised March 11, 2015
Please note, the Opus Primus copyright can be found at the end of this file.

= Version 1.3.4 =
* Released March 2015

= Code =
* Used a more specific element identifier for the SlickNav `prependTo` parameter

= Miscellaneous =
* Continue removal of extraneous end of structure comments …

/** ————————————————————————- */
= Version 1.3.3 =
* Released March 2015
* Added sanity checks to ensure there is actually an image in use when returning the featured image view.

/** ————————————————————————- */
= Version 1.3.2 =
* Released March 2015
* Added support for the `title` tag via `add_theme_support` function

/** ————————————————————————- */
= Version 1.3.1 =
* Released March 2015

= Code =
* Added `get_the_posts_pagination` for navigation between pages of posts
* Added `hide_category_widget_list_items` method and related hook
* Added some escaping sanitization and linked Featured Image to post via the post ID
* Changed method to return the Featured Thumbnail versus outputting it
* Changed from using `get_the_time` to `date_i18n` for `OpusPrimusImages::exif_timestamp` method
* Extracted code from `featured_thumbnail` method to create `featured_thumbnail_single_view` method
* Improved look of navigation links in `OpusPrimusNavigation::multiple_pages_link` method

= CSS =
* Added `=== Screen Reader Text ===` section
* Added `h5.comments-link` definition to provide a better aesthetic location
* Added styling to navigation for moving within a single post’s pages
* Incorporated WordPress recommended styles for `.screen-reader-text` class

= Miscellaneous =
* Added `opus_featured_thumbnail_single_view_portrait` filter hook and updated `hooks-filters.txt`
* Begin removal of extraneous end of structure comments …
* Inline documentation clean-up and re-organization
* Updated `hooks-filters.txt` file

Version 1.4 should be next in the release schedule, please feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you may have for it in the comments.