This version was released a couple of weeks ago and instead of the usual “day of” post I decided to wait a little while to see what feedback would come from the theme’s users. The changelog itself (see below) was quite extensive but these are two of the highlights of this release:

  • New Typography
  • New Mobile Menu support

Have you tried these out? Does the content look better than what it did before?

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== Version 1.3 ==
* Released November 2014

= Code =
* Added `post-title-link` wrapper class to better manage Post Title output
* Added WordPress HTML5 markup support for search form, comment form, comment list, and caption
* Added sanity checks to ensure constants are not already defined
* Added `OpusPrimusRouter` class to replace path and URL CONSTANTS
* Added Child-Theme “slug” for easier customizations
* Added empty hooks before and after showing the breadcrumbs
* Added OpusPrimusComments class methods to `functions.php` to work-around duplicate output issue
* Added checks for Child-Theme and relevant references to `opus_primus_support_comment`
* Better code organization to only load classes when needed
* Changed post breadcrumb link to the WordPress shortlink
* Create `/lib/` folder to store bundled libraries and ancillary files
* Enqueue JavaScripts and CSS for SlickNav JavaScript plugin integration to handle mobile menus
* Extracted the Opus Primus PullQuotes Stanza (see
* Moved `support_comment` method to `functions.php` to eliminate duplicate output
* Replaced the majority of `require_once` calls with `locate_template` calls
* Replaced `global` variable calls with `new` class instances
* Update to use `preg_match_all` in OpusPrimusGallery featured and secondary id methods

= CSS =
* Added new typography styles for better reading
* Added styles for the “BNS Login” plugin
* Added `clear: both` to `footer`
* Added `width: auto;` for `th` and `td` elements
* Added `#header-widgets` to the “Clearance” section of `opus-primus.css`
* Added minor `attachment` related styles
* Added better search form aesthetics in the sidebar
* Change default `ul` list-style property to `none inside`
* Hide the post/page breadcrumbs in mobile displays
* Hide “Search” button for search form
* Removed duplicate definitions from media queries stylesheet
* Removed unused `div#top-navigation-menu` definition
* Removed unused `nav div.nav ul li` definition
* Updated `editor-style.css` to match new typography of theme
* Updated galleries styles to use HTML5 markup
* Updated font-size of excerpt more link symbol to 35px from 200%

= JavaScript =
* Integrated “SlickNav” (Created by Josh Cope – @computerwolf) for mobile menu support
* Integrated “FitVids” built by Chris Coyier ( and Paravel (

= Miscellaneous
* Added Contact Form 7 compatibility
* Added BNS Login compatibility to use `dashicons` display
* Added Gravity Forms compatibility (for reCaptcha form)
* Added to `readme.txt` FAQ “I just updated to version 1.3, what could be causing these child-theme errors?”
* Removed `works-in-progress` folder from theme
* Updated `readme.txt` to note the use and license of SlickNav by Josh Cope
* Updated `readme.txt` to note the use and license of FitVids by Chris Coyier and Paravel
* Updated `readme.txt` to remove FAQ item related to blank menu items; resolved in WordPress core trac ticket #23254
* Updated `style.css` description to emphasize the addition of the SlickNav and FitVids libraries
* Updated `screenshot.png` to better reflect latest release
* Updated `hooks-actions.txt` with new additions

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on this latest release of Opus Primus in the comments below.