I added an article to my Instapaper reading list a while back that dealt with typography. It was an interesting insight by Mike Anderson on why he chose to use large font-sizes on his web site. The ideas he wrote about stuck with me. (Thanks, Mike!) Reading the article and following Mike’s links lead to an interesting article from Chris Pearson and his Golden Ratio Typography Calculator (just in case you don’t read all the way to the bottom of the page like I did … thanks, Chris!).

I think I have read these articles three or four times and made notes on how I wanted to apply them to Opus Primus. I should have done this much earlier now that I see the results. The site just looks that much better (with the current 1.3-alpha) than what it did in the past … it even looks great in mobile testing, too.

Most of the front-facing aspects of this new look are done although I’m sure I’ll find something to tweak … I always do.

If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to share them in the comments below; constructive criticism is always welcome.