This release is a bit ahead of my usual schedule for theme updates (about two months rather than my normal three months) due to the number and extent of the updates, modifications, and corrections. They were starting to become more than what I would normally add (see the changelog below) in a “minor” update. This release may have been better served as version 1.3 but as it is already approved by the WordPress Theme Review Team I will leave the current version as is.

Although most of the work is still under the page, there are a couple of highlights to look at which are more obvious: a new pagination method (see the bottom of any list view page), and adjustments to the Opus Primus TagLines parameters to make it more easily seen (once it is activated in the editor “Screen Options” in the top right corner of your screen).

Below is the recent changelog:

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== Changelog Version 1.2.5 ==
* Released July 2014

= Code =
* Added new method `OpusPrimusNavigation::pagination` for moving between pages of posts
* Added new method `OpusPrimusNavigation::pagination_wrapped` to provide actions hooks before and after the `pagination` method
* Added `antispambot` email protection to author biography email addresses
* Added sanity checks to ensure widgets are active before rendering sidebars
* Added `opus_primus_defaults.php` to replace `$opus_defaults` class
* Added `opus-primus-ignite.php` to reduce clutter in `functions.php`
* Added `opus_image_link_navigation_output` filter hook to provide access to navigation output
* Added `opus_tagline` to default hidden screen options array
* Adjusted the `OpusPrimusStructures::the_loop` and `OpusPrimusStructures::the_loop_archives` to use the `pagination_wrapped` method
* Changed navigation method from `posts_link` to `pagination`
* Changed single view first year of copyright to published year of post/page in `OpusPrimusStructures::copyright` method
* Deprecated `OpusPrimusDefaults` class (file may be removed in a future release)
* Enqueue custom stylesheet in an update safe location `/wp-content/opus-primus-customs/`
* Enqueue custom JavaScript in an update safe location `/wp-content/opus-primus-customs/`
* Refactored all defaults using true/false to use filtered define statements
* Refactored `OpusPrimusTaglines::tagline_create_boxes` to clarify the parameter usage
* Remove conditional customization enqueue using internal theme folder
* Renamed `opus-ignite.php` to `opus-primus-ignite.php` and moved to theme root
* Renamed `OpusPrimusNavigation::image_nav` to `OpusPrimusNavigation::image_link_navigation`
* Replaced `OpusPrimusStructures::replace_spaces` with `sanitize_html_class`
* Set Customization path and URL CONSTANTS

= CSS =
* Added `Navigation` section and `Pagination Method` sub-section
* Complete refactoring of the `@media` query styles for better responsiveness
* Corrected `select` element to use “max-width” rather than “width”
* Fixed white space on right side of iPhone displays
* Minor adjustments to `img` tag related items
* Monster be gone!? – addressed special case many level menu in sidebar

= Miscellaneous =
* Updated `hooks-filter.txt` documentation to note eight (8) new filters
* Updated `hooks-actions.txt` documentation to note two (2) new actions
* Updated `screenshot.png` to show a bit more of the theme display

I am planning some potentially significant visual changes for the next release (version 1.3?) and as always I welcome any constructive criticisms so feel free to share in the comments below … and don’t be afraid to offer any Feature Request suggestions, I would be more than happy to review them, too.