The latest version of Opus Primus (version 1.2.4-beta) is available from its home repository on GitHub.

Again, this is mostly a release dealing with minor details and minimal to no functionality changes (ideas are welcome, feel free to add yours in the comments below).

I expect to have this latest version pushed to the WordPress Theme repository shortly, perhaps as soon as a couple of days but at most it should be within the week … unless I get any reports back of something significant in this latest version that needs to be addressed immediately. As it is, I will be deploying this beta version to this site as well as my personal site and to Feel free to have a look around on those sites to see the theme live.

Below is a sampling from the current changelog:

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= Code =

* Added Featured Image Thumbnails to post-format single and archive view templates
* Corrected modified date/time output to account for scheduled posts

= CSS =

* Added Format-Aside Dashicons to Post-Format: Aside posts
* Added Flag Dashicons to Sticky Posts
* Changed Password Protected Dashicons to use the Lock

= Miscellaneous =

* Change text domain to match theme slug