The latest version of Opus Primus (version 1.2.3) as a beta is available from its home repository on GitHub.

Please feel free to get yourself a copy and have some fun with it … let me know if you find anything not working as expected and I will make every effort to correct it before I submit this version for inclusion in the WordPress Theme repository.

Below are some highlights from the current change log, the entire change log will be noted in the stable release post.

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= Code =
* Added Featured Image thumbnail to standard post-format archive views
* Removed Featured Image thumbnail from index view
* Renamed `OpusPrimusDefaults` methods from `show_*` to `display_*`
* Set `display_page_byline` to true as theme author aesthetic choice

= CSS =
* Added post coda post format classes
* Fixed really long Post Titles and Words not wrapping as expected