Oddly enough, we were running the 1.2.1 version before updating to our latest release version 1.2.2 … we often run the bleeding edge version here. (I almost always run the latest version on my personal website.)

We noted a few minor issues that needed to be sorted out, such as, how the breadcrumbs trail really didn’t look all that great if you used almost anything other than the default background of white. So we changed the breadcrumbs trail to always have a white background (we may still re-factor this down the road but this was the solution we chose to put forward at this time). We’re open to ideas here as well.

We fixed and/or added more i18n code so anyone doing translations should find most if not all strings properly handled (we missed several previously strings in our image EXIF title outputs). We also fixed a Post-Format: Gallery issue that crept up on us as well. I was testing NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati (which works perfectly) with Opus Primus and found if you did not actually use the [ gallery ] shortcode with the Gallery Post-Format you got some really unexpected results.

Feel free to read through the changelog for more details on what all what done with this latest version … and enjoy!

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== Version 1.2.2 ==
* Released October 2013

= Code =
* Added conditional test rather than print both breadcrumbs (one empty)
* Additional i18n code corrections and enhancements
* Corrected i18n code for EXIF data
* Extracted $post_title management from `post_breadcrumb` method into the `breadcrumb_post_title` method
* Fixed issue with Gallery Post-Format being used when the `gallery` shortcode is not used.
* Fixed undefined offset when there is no image found in post

= CSS =
* Reduced all menu related elements with `z-index` property to a value of 1
* Removed `z-index` property from breadcrumb related elements
* Set the breadcrumbs background color to `#ffffff` (white)

= Miscellaneous
* Add documentation to the `first_linked_image` function
* Removed `table-stripe` class from Post-Format: Image tables
* Tested up to WordPress version 3.7