I was considering uploading this version last week but given the various rumbling that came out of WordCamp San Francisco I thought a few more days and WordPress version 3.6 would be available which is more along the timeline I had in mind for this release.

Now there were actually quite a few changes to the theme but most will be noticed behind the scenes versus by your readers. One of the biggest changes, at least from a performance perspective, was the merging of the LESS stylesheet and components into the theme itself. In some test scenarios this cut the load time in half!

Work on version 1.3 is already in the initial planning stages so please feel free to make any constructive comments and / or feature requests for consideration. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this latest version of Opus Primus … of course that is after the theme passes through the WordPress Theme Review Team processes.

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=== Opus Primus Changelog ===
== Version 1.2 ==
* Released August 2013

= Code =
* Added display of featured image centered at full size in single standard post format view
* Added full `featured_image` method call to single view of post formats audio, chat, quote, and status
* Added `get_author_description` method in Authors class
* Added filtered `comment_form_required_field_glyph` method in Comments class
* Added many new filters – see https://opusprimus.com/under-the-page/hooks-filters/ or `hooks-filters.txt` for a current list
* Added sanity conditional check to eliminate potential duplicate body classes
* Added `is_single` conditional test before enqueue of Comment Tabs script
* Added post to post navigation in single view
* Added conditional check if not post password required when displaying comments
* Added conditional for showing the page byline details
* Added `show_page_byline` default and set as false
* Changed `the_post_thumbnail` to use parameters which are set in the call to `OpusPrimusImage::featured_image`
* Changed post thumbnail on pages to full size image and align to the center
* Changed comment fields into an unordered list
* Changed `meta-tags` container from `p` to `div` (adjusted CSS as needed)
* Changed `opus_post_byline_details` filter to `opus_post_byline_phrase`
* Check for long post titles in breadcrumbs and trim as needed
* Display comment count in meta details if comments exist and comments are closed
* Fixed call to wrong post navigation function in single view
* Merge `opus-ignite.php` into `functions.php`
* Moved `featured_image` method call into `is_single` conditional in post-format loops
* Removed `featured_image` method call from post-formats link and video loops
* Removed global `$opus_image_meta`; replaced with call to `exif_data` method
* Removed `style.less` related function and action calls
* Removed `restore_image_title`

= CSS =
* Added styles for comment form fields
* Added more specific selector used with `.post.format-link`
* Added more BNS Plugin Integration (BPI) adjustments
* Added styles from compiled `style.less` file (file removed)
* Added `img` elements for captioned images and `wp-smiley` images
* Address both class and id usage for the sidebar search form
* Adjusted widths of comment form elements
* Adjusted CSS to better handle large images with captions in large full-width displays
* Adjusted `table` elements from `max-width: 100%` to `width: 100%` and other minor changes
* Minor tweaks and adjustments
* Sorted out the adaptive layout for screens less than 480px wide

= JavaScript =
* Added more specific selector used with `.post.format-link` when adding `.link-symbol` class
* Added script to create class to display tables with striped rows
* Removed LESS JavaScript library

= Stanzas =
* PullQuotes – Added `pullquotes-readme.txt` file
* PullQuotes – Added left-side placement with new `to` parameter
* Taglines – Added `taglines-readme.txt` file
* THA – Added `tha-readme.txt` file

= Miscellaneous =
* Documentation Updates
* Minor changes to text tense used in `changelog.txt`
* Removed `style.less` file (compiled and merged into `opus-primus.css` file)
* Removed license references related to LESS as all components were removed
* Updated `hooks-actions.txt`
* Updated `hooks-filters.txt`
* Updated `readme.txt` FAQ – What is the difference between how the “Featured Image” is used on a post and how it is used on a page?
* Updated `readme.txt` FAQ – What are Stanzas?
* Updated `readme.txt` FAQ – What happened to the LESS components of the theme?
* Updated outstanding @todo items with version (number added at end of line)