Version 1.1 of Opus Primus has been submitted to the WordPress Extend Themes repository and will be reviewed by the WordPress Theme Review Team.

This version includes a few new features, some general enhancements, and more importantly a bug fix related to the “Add Media” functionality.

Below is the changelog for this version:

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== Version 1.1 ==
* Released March 2013

= Code =
* Added `excerpt_more_link` and attached to `excerpt_more` filter
* Added `anchor_title_text` for use with `excerpt_more_link` and permalink in the post meta details
* Added additional list wrapper around each comment type
* Added Breadcrumbs trails to pages and posts
* Added Comment Tabs for each type (Comment, Pingback, and Trackback)
* Created and enqueued ‘opus-primus-comment-tabs.js’
* Created Header class
* Drop `restore_image_title` filter hook into `media_send_to_editor` as potentially blocking insertion of media
* Fixed comments (only) count output
* Limit width generated by “Full Size Video” JavaScript to a maximum of 1000px
* Refactored Structures class to put `site_title`, `site_description`, and `custom_header_image` into Header class
* Refactored `opus-primus-header` to reflect class/method changes of Structures and Header

= CSS =
* Added classes to `h2`, `ul`, and `li` elements in `OpusPrimusAuthors::author_details`
* Add minor comments styles
* Center content of Post Format: Video posts.

= Miscellaneous =
* Removed unused style sheet ‘opus-primus-responsive-layout.css’

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The bug fix specifically can be seen with this changelog item:
* Drop `restore_image_title` filter hook into `media_send_to_editor` as potentially blocking insertion of media


Version 1.1 of Opus Primus is now live at <>.