Although Version 1.1 of Opus Primus was released slightly ahead of schedule (as it addressed an unreported bug), several features added for this update were released with little to no fanfare.

In this case, the new feature of Breadcrumbs for Posts and Pages was added giving a simple yet elegant trail to the current single view of a post or a page. If you simply click on a post or page title then look between the top menu and the page, or post, title you will see the Breadcrumbs leading to the page, or post, you are reading.

You will also be able to navigate to other interesting content by clicking on any of the steps of the trail to your current view as well. Check it out … then come back and let me know what you think in the comments. I always appreciate constructive criticisms.

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NB: This post was originally created as a “Sticky” post and set to the “Aside” post-format to provide a great example of the Breadcrumb steps found in a trail to a post. The “Sticky” status and “Aside” post-format was removed May 1, 2013.