Although the initial release of Opus Primus is still awaiting review (maybe by the end of this weekend?), I decided to release version 1.0.1 which includes some minor fixes and code refactoring in time to take its place in the WordPress Theme Review Team’s queue; and, even though the changelog may appear extensive (see below) the modifications are still considered a “patch” in the grand scheme of an initial release.

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== Version 1.0.1 ==
= Code =
* Added ‘opus_footer_after’ action hook
* Change classes in ‘404.php’ from using underscores to using hyphens
* Created new methods `the_loop_wrapped` and `the_loop_archives_wrapped`
* Modified action hooks to more semantic naming convention: `opus_< section >_< placement >`
* Moved ‘opus_body_bottom’ action hook to immediately before closing body tag
* Replaced `the_loop` method and surrounding code with `the_loop_wrapped`
* Replaced `the_loop_archives` method and surrounding code with `the_loop_archives_wrapped`
* Wrapped ‘opus_modified_post_after’ action hook in conditional making it consistent with ‘opus_modified_post_before’

= CSS =
* Center top level menu items only – better aesthetics with short page titles
* Added `clear: both;` to ‘img.aligncenter,’ to address Firefox issue when when a Featured Image and a large in post image are too close together.

= Miscellaneous =
* Fixed no comments message
* Minor code formatting
* Refactored the ‘hooks-actions.txt’ listing
* Updated ‘theme-version-guidelines.txt’ as taken from
* Updated ‘hooks-actions.txt’ as taken from

If you feel like looking at the latest ticket, by all means please do. This is the message I received with the new ticket link:

Thank you for uploading Opus Primus to the WordPress Theme Directory. We’ve sent you an email verifying that we’ve received it. Feedback will be provided at

PS: You will always be able to see the latest version of Opus Primus in use on this site.