Support for the WordPress core functionality of a Custom Headers image has been added; and, although this feature is not currently being used here you can easily see it in action at Also to note, the active theme on is also a Child-Theme of Opus Primus.

The code in place for these Custom Header images is the following:

        /** @var $opus_custom_header_support - holds custom header parameters */
        $opus_custom_header_support = array(
             * There is no default image in use.
             * If you were to add one, use %s as a placeholder for the theme
             * template directory URI.
            'default-image' => '',
            /** Support flexible heights. */
            'flex-height'   => true,
            /** Support flexible widths */
            'flex-width'    => true,
            /** Do not support text inside the header image. */
            'header-text'   => false,
        /** Add support for Custom Header images */
        add_theme_support( 'custom-header', $opus_custom_header_support );

As you can see, there is neither a default image nor default dimensions. The idea is you will use an image appropriate to your site … and in most cases I would recommend this feature be implemented as part of a Child-Theme (and in most of these cases, I would also recommend making the Child-Theme fixed-width).

To see the Update click here.To hide the Update click here.

As an additional design decision, I wrote JavaScript to review the custom header image being used and if it exceeds 50% of the header width it will center the custom header image, the site title and the site description. This also provides some “responsive” properties to the theme header.