Pull Quotes (a web definition):

A pull quote (also known as a lift-out quote) is a quotation or from an article that is typically placed in a larger or distinctive typeface on the same page, serving to entice readers into an article or to highlight a key topic. The term is principally used in journalism and publishing.

This is one of the newest features I have added to the Opus Primus theme. Although some may consider this an extension as the code can easily be transitioned into a plugin … and I may still end up doing that. As it is, this typographical addition to the theme will be a part of the core template files or at the least a default extension included with the standard package. Currently the feature has no “options” and will likely follow the same philosophies being applied to the theme in general, or in other words little if any “options” will be available.

As part of the ongoing review and improvements, the addition of a “left” and “center” pull quotes layout may be offered aside from the initial “right” layout that is currently in use and shown in this post.