I had not really set out to add as much multiple author support as I have, it has grown organically into something very interesting.

Although there are no current posts that offer any examples of this, look for them to start cropping up as the development team begins to grow. Once we have more contributing authors; and, as the content of this site (and others) is continued to be curated, these features will become more prominent.

The current balance points being reviewed for this feature set are mostly in keeping the general (read: default) layout of the site to its minimalist nature as this feature, amongst the many that are being implemented, deserves stylish embellishments that are worthy of its underlying code.

Correction: As fate would have it, there was a post I could reasonably edit and subsequently you will now see some of the multiple author features. Just have a look around, these features will be obvious when you see them …

To see the hint click here.To hide the hint click here.
Here is a direct link to a post that shows the features in action.