The idea of adding a post tagline has been something I have been playing around with for some time. It seemed to be a great extension of the standard post fields … with any number of uses. One could simply use it to expand upon the post title, or maybe add a relevant URL link to a complimentary article. I’m sure there are more ideas but those two were the ones that took root and provided the raison d’etre for the latest theme feature: Opus Primus Taglines.

Although this begs the question: is this really a theme feature; or, would this be better served as a (theme-specific) plugin?

I am currently in the theme feature camp on this, but I have not ruled out the possibility of moving it into the (theme enhancements) plugin camp. Hooking the output consistently across all themes is what is keeping this from being a general use plugin; but, to hook into Opus Primus (or a Child-Theme of the same) is easy. I made sure of it. There are a great many hooks at strategic places throughout the code, and consequently in the general layout, for innovative ideas just like this to be easily implemented.

Interestingly enough, there was a recent article written along these same lines. Although not specifically written about a particular plugin, the ideas being discussed definitely provided food for thought on this addition of this feature to the the Opus Primus WordPress theme. You can read “Ask the Experts: Should Themes Include Plugin-Style Functionality?” and add your thoughts there … or add your thoughts here on this specific idea.

All constructive comments are greatly appreciated and more than welcome.

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You may have noted this post, besides offering a discussion of the idea, is also presenting the tagline in a live environment (note the phrase “A Developer’s Dilemma” under the post title) for the first time; and, if you are wondering, by default, this feature is available for all post types used in Opus Primus, including pages.