Today has been productive. Amongst several minor updates, I have essentially completed all of the code to be used in the footer widget areas. There will be three (3) widget areas in the footer and they will follow the “Holy Grail” three-column layout style.

This also allowed me to quickly write the now active Child-Theme for It mimics their original design (also mine) but now offers all the features being built into Opus Primus. WPFirstAid also becomes the second test venue for the Opus Primus framework theme.

This also exposed an interesting, but well known, quirk with Child-Themes: the order of events with the theme template files (and when scripts and styles are enqueued).

Since the Child-Theme functions file is read first then the Parent-Theme functions file is read; the Parent-Theme’s primary style sheet was actually over-riding the Child-Theme’s style sheet. The simplest fix, in this case, was to use the same method of adding a “primary” style sheet for the Child-Theme as the Parent-Theme but making sure the Child-Theme’s style sheet is enqueued after the Parent-Theme’s style sheet.

This is done simply by setting the Child-Theme’s wp_enqueue_scripts hook priority to a higher number. In this case, with the Child-Theme, I set the priority value to 11.