After several tweaks and twists of the CSS for several of the currently defined post-formats I have also added more post-format loops. In this case the loops for Asides. This includes the standard loop as well as the archive. Hopefully you have noticed each post-format has a uniqueness about it.

This is currently best served by providing each post-format with its own loops. The challenge, which I welcome help with, is to choose the right word(s) to set the post-format apart from the standard loop as well as other post-formats. For example, currently the following are used in the post by-line, a button with text if the post is sticky, and different text on the button if the post is sticky and being viewed in the archive list:

  • Asides use Said, Important, and Noteworthy
  • Galleries use Displayed, Exhibition, and Exhibited
  • Images use Displayed, Framed, and Matted
  • Quotes use Recited, Proclamation, and Proclaimed
  • Statuses use Updated, Breaking News, and Newsworthy

Of course most of the sticky, and archived sticky, buttons may not be apparent simply due to there not being a great reason to make a post sticky, yet … but keep in mind the above are open to change and there are still several post-formats to be addressed. The following are still in need of their own uniquely defining word, or phrase … and, yes, a phrase can be used (although it would probably be best if kept very short, for now):

  • Audio
  • Chat
  • Link
  • Video

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below.